Here’s why Google+ Failed? Will it ever be back?

We all know that a social media website named Google+  exists but we never would have used it. The reason we know because it’s a product by Google and we use Google every minute of our life. It’s always there in our chrome browser and in our phones but why we have never used it. Telling about myself, I never opened it and always tried to delete it and I expect many of you would have tried getting rid of it but the question is why, why we don’t want Google Plus.

The basic reason would be we are already surrounded by many social media website but we at some point try a new app or website to figure out what it’s about but what was wrong with Google+, that we never even tried opening it. Let’s find out in this article that what went wrong and even should we consider it as a failure?

Google+ Release Date

Google+ got announced in 2011 by Google still that point Instagram was not that famous and Twitter was just blooming and what it’s being around 8 years but why no one gave a shot to it.

One thing you should know that still it’s running and have not died completely as its business version is still alive. So if you are feeling guilty then you can give it a try and come back but if you don’t feel guilty then continue reading this article.

google plus

Google in a statement told that 90 percent of Google+ user sessions ended in seconds.

Yeah, pretty low, isn’t it

So what went wrong?

First of all, I think the reason we don’t want to use Google Plus. We don’t want to use another social media platform because we are here tired of the platforms that are already there in marketing. We are surrounded by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more to name.

Another reason would have been the lack of USP (Unique Selling Point). Google+ was not having anything unique in spite of that everyone having a Gmail account was there already on Google+ but it was having that same post, like and comment mechanism which is there on almost every social media platform on the internet and mainly on Facebook and Instagram. So, why take a headache to post it on another website whereas you can just post it on one website where you have everyone you know already.

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One of the main reasons that it never got traction between normal people was that it was never meant for the people like us instead it was built for the companies. It was more company friendly than user friendly. Many Google employees, felt it and stated that it was designed to solve the company’s own problems instead of aiming at making it easy for users to connect to one another. Google+ was interconnected with other Google’s services such as Youtube and others but it failed to connect with other users as it was a very typical process.

Why did it fail?

The last reason that completes my argument is there’s a lack of a good mobile platform. First it didn’t have a mobile application only when it’s other counterparts were working on updating the already settled mobile application and later when it arrived it was too clunky to use. Experts, say it was more of a afterthought than clearly planned service.

So, what do you think about Google+?

It was a failure or not.

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