What are some of the funniest Google Searches?

Whenever you are out searching for something on Google definitely you must have been suggested some of the searches as you start typing.

Have you paid attention to some of them as you may find some really very hilarious and funny?

Why does Google suggest a particular search?

As it is one of the most searched queries related to the topic you have typed.

We have brought you some of the recent as well as weird suggestions by Google which is suggested as people have searched for them a lot.

Let’s explore some of the funniest searches that will surprise you as well as make you laugh looking at different doubts that come into people’s minds.

Why does…

  • Why does my husband fart so much?
  • Why does hair turn white?
  • Why does my wife hate me?
  • Why my wife refuses to be intimate with me?
  • Why does she shakes when I touch her?
  • Why does my wife fart so much?

And many more.

Why do I have…?

  • Why do I have gas?
  • Why do I pee so much?
  • Why do I have a small face?
  • Why do I have school today?

How come…

  • How come when I talk to girls on Facebook they don’t reply to me?
  • How come Barbie never get pregnant?
  • How come my girlfriend is never in the mood

How easy…

  • How easy do you think it is to sneak into a zoo I need?

Can you ever imagine anything like this coming to your mind to search? If no then you will be amazed to know that this one of the most searched queries.

Let’s know some more such searches.

If I…

  • If I ate myself would I be twice as big or disappear completely?
  • If I ate beetroot and stool red?
  • If I pray to God for a girlfriend will it come true?

Here are some more rib-tickling searches that most of the people have looked for.

  • Why can’t I own a Canadian?
  • Do men have periods?
  • Is it rude to fart when someone is crying?
  • What if I wanted to be a duck?
  • What’s a boyfriend and where can I download one?
  • What would a chair look like if our knees bend the other way?
  • I hate it when Google finishes my sentences
  • My cat looks like Hitler
  • Can Jesus microwave a burrito?
  • Who was that girl sitting behind me?
  • Who was the Girl in my Dream?
  • How do you use Google?
  • How do I look today?
  • Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one?
  • What would happen if I hired two investigators to follow each other? ( I don’t know what Google will answer but I am sure it will be fun to watch something like this)

Oh god! I think we should have mercy on Google that it still gives result for all these query in peoples mind.

And at the same I am sure you will wondering, who are these great people with great curiosity to know weird things that we may not even think of.

Definitely there will be more such searches but these were some of the best and the most searched one.

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