What is Twitch prime and its benefits?

What is Twitch Prime and its benefits?

Twitch is all about streaming online and sharing videos. It’s the recent product launched by Amazon.

For all the Amazon prime users Twitch Prime will be an added advantage. Let’s learn about it.

Twitch Prime is a premium service launched by Twitch to avail some more benefits like Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. It also includes bonus games and exclusive in-game content and also some Twitch goodies only with a channel subscription every month. It’s best for all the Amazon prime and Twitch users as they have to take only one subscription for the same. It gives you a Buy one get one service.

It’s a new part of Amazon Prime relating to the streaming service. It’s available in most parts of the world except China and some more. It gives us all the benefits provided by Twitch with some more added amazing benefits that will captivate every Twitch user to be a part of it.

Let’s touch upon some of the very important and most used features of Twitch Prime that serves many benefits to everyone.

Benefits of Twitch Prime.

  • Free access to the Twitch channel.

Once you have subscribed to Twitch Prime, you get access to various exciting Twitch channels. If you are a prime member it’s an easy way to be a part of Twitch and enjoy the various Twitch channels available there

  • Ad-free viewing

This can be the most useful and peaceful feature of Amazon prime as each one of us get irritated when an Ad pops up while we are enjoying our channel. So yes Twitch prime will keep you away from all such annoying and bothersome Ads.

  • Amazing Games every month.

You will definitely be a Game lover if you are thinking to have a twitch Prime subscription.

So yes for all the game lovers, an added advantage to you will be that you will be provided with free amazing games every month.

  • Exclusive emoticons.

There are some exciting and secret emoticons reserved and kept preserved only for Twitch Prime members. Once you have a Twitch subscription you will be provided with exciting and creative emoticons like KappaHD and others.

  • Expand the chat color option.

One can set a chat color according to your own wish by going to the Prime setting.

  • Get Access to Game content.

One gets access to their favorite game content, which helps them to explore more and make their vision towards the brand broader and better.

  • Extended Broadcast Storage.

With Twitch Prime you no more have to worry about storage in your phone. One can broadcast more and more by thinking about the storage as you are rewarded with extended broadcast storage.

  • Exciting discount while you purchase a Game

Any game you are going to purchase will definitely cost less as you will be discounted for being a Prime user.

  • Get the Great Twitch Badge and feel Royal.

Twitch badge can be available to you by making your chat look different and authentic.

  • Access to Amazon Prime.

As we have talked about that you will get both the subscription at just one price.

  • Enjoy free Amazon Delivery.

With Amazon Prime, one can get all your amazon delivery free at your doorsteps.

  • Read on Amazon Kindle.

Kindle allows you to read books. So for all the book lovers, this will be happy news.

These were some of the benefits of Twitch Prime.  So if you are longing for all this so set your step forward and be a part of it.

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